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Teachers Guess Teen Slang 2020

Teens of reddit or netizen, Do you think new slang words the oldies won’t recognize?
Are you going to use real slang and not private school moms boy slang ?
– Hello, my name is Mandie.
I was a middle and high schooL teacher for six years.
– Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’ve been a pre-school teacher
for 12 years.
– My name is Tselane and I am a science teacher.
I’ve been so for five years now.
– Hi, my name is Stephanie
and I’ve been a teacher for three years.
– And today.
– We are guessing.
– Teen slang.
– What?
– Clout demon.
– I don’t fully know it, but I’ve heard of
I guess clout-adjacent terminology?
– What? – Clout demon.
– I’ve never heard of that. – Is that like
a criminal or something?
– I have no idea.
Something evil?
Something not?
– Maybe you’re trying to sabotage
somebody’s Instagram popularity.
I don’t know for sure,
but I imagine it’s some sort of evil misuse of notoriety.
– Right.
– Clout is like trying to get notoriety, I guess.
So a clout demon may be somebody that’s really obsessed
with being popular.
I’m gonna guess that.
– Oh, that’s a good guess.
Now that you’ve explained what clout meant,
I can kind of, yeah.
I’m gonna go with popularity demon.
– All right.
– Oh, okay, wasn’t too far off.
– They do anything for clout.
They do any, that’s all I know.
– Somebody trying to be bigger
than they actually are to show off almost or I don’t know.
– I know I’ve heard this before.
– I know what glow-up is.
Glow-up is when you start out not so cute
and then you finally grow up and you’re like amazing
and you floss on everybody
and let them know how amazing you are.
Or you look beautiful or maybe they get their make up done.
I don’t know.
– That’s what I was thinking, yeah.
– The glow-up is real.
– Like you got a makeover, glow-up.
– Or your life got makeover.
Basically you grew up to be hot.
– A glow-up is kind of like a positive transformation.
So if you’re looking back
at your awkward middle school years
and you look so much better now,
you’ve achieved a glow-up to look the way you do now.
– Thirst trap.
Like you’re trying too hard.
Like you’re thirsty for something.
– That is true.
– You’re really trying too hard.
– Somebody who’s thirsty for something.
Oh, if you’re thirsty, you’re wanting something.
You’re wanting more attention.
– A thirst trap is when people post pictures
that are attracting certain types of attention,
usually half naked.
Boys will be half naked,
or girls be half naked too, same difference.
– Oh, okay, so it’s close.
– And then they’ll get you to go to their page
for whatever reason so they can sell you some tee.
I don’t know.
– Pass it along to you.
– I am actually not proud to be doing so well.
It’s kind of embarrassing.
So it’s when you post a picture on Instagram
that is provocative and they intent of posting this
is to get thirsty dudes into your DMs.
– See, I don’t know ’cause I don’t do that.
– Yeah, your pre-school.
Again, it would be terrible.
– TFW.
– TFW, is it like the (beep).
I don’t know, like, I don’t know what TFW is.
I need help, guys.
TFW. – Yeah, I need help as well.
– Thanks for (lol).
– I think it’s the face when
and it’s like the face when
and then you can fill in the blank
and it’s like a meme thing.
Like the face when you have to eat gross school lunches
at BuzzFeed and then you make that face.
I had that also.
– Wow. – Oh.
– That feeling when, I don’t know
what they’re talking about.
– That’s a lot more innocent then.
– I know I’m all thinking it’s something really bad.
Well, now I know.
– Oh yeah, this one.
Do you know it?
– No.
– Something similar to FOMO, I’m guessing.
But you change a word.
– I know FOMO.
It’s fear of missing out.
Jealousy of missing out, jah?
No mo’, I don’t know.
– Joy, no.
Joy of missing out.
Joy of– – Oh.
– Joy of missing out.
I actually recently heard this one, now that I–
– Joy of missing out.
Is that a good thing?
– Yeah because you’re like,
oh, I don’t want want to go to that party.
– Oh, gotcha.
– I don’t care.
– Jealous of missing out.
I don’t know.
That was my guess.
– You’re very much on the right track,
but this is the joy of missing out.
– Like when I choose to stay in bed
instead of going out to that crazy party.
– That’s right.
– I totally feel JOMO.
– Absolutely.
– Receipts?
Like a receipt.
– Like CVS, like the really long ones?
– I have a bunch in my purse.
I’m sure that’s not what this is.
– It’s not, so it’s screenshots
of anything happening
that you can kind of use as proof.
If someone deletes something, you have the receipts.
– I guess I have some of those after all.
– Oh, I know what receipts are.
– Oh, you do? Oh, okay.
– No, no, imma let you go ahead.
– No.
I’m not gonna just let me do it.
I’m like, you read that.
Like you know how you get the read receipt?
I’m like, is that what that is?
Am I way off?
– I don’t know, I mean, I could be wrong.
I think receipts are like proof of something,
like say somebody was talking (beep).
– [Stephanie] Okay.
– And then you’re like, I got receipts
and you show them your phone
and they text, a screenshoted it or something.
It’s like proof.
– That makes a lot more sense than my explanation.
(upbeat music)
– Oh my lord.
– Yeet?
What language are we speaking right now?
– What in the hell is yeet?
I’ve heard that.
Yeet, yeet!
– I think I know it.
– Why?
I’m not cool.
You don’t feel so much cooler right now?
– No.
– That is so disgusting.
Did he just yeet on somebody?
– I know I feel like it’s like a gross–
– It’s an ejaculation.
It’s yeeting on their faces.
I’ve heard that and I had to regulate.
– I think it has something to do
with like an expression of excitement
and I think you can like yeet yourself off a cliff.
That’s like the usage I’ve seen it for.
– What is yeet?
– Is that really what I means?
– I mean that’s what I heard.
– [Stephanie] Oh okay.
– I could be wrong though.
– I think it’s a little more innocent than that, right?
– I’m probably wrong.
Damn, I have really bad children in my class.
Oh, God, I’m wrong.
–  See, what you were referring to was skeet.
– Oh, Jesus, yes!
– Oh, okay, okay. – Skeet, skeet!
– Trill.
– I do know that.
– Oh, I’ve totally heard this.
I know I’ve heard it used.
I just, nope, nope.
I’m drawing a blank.
– I’ve heard that word in a rap song.
Trill, trill, cool?
I don’t know, I don’t know what–
– Trill.
– I’m starting to doubt myself on this,
but I believe that it’s like genuine,
like true and real.
Like, oh, he’s trill.
And that means that he’s not fake.
– I didn’t even guess so good job.
I’m not even guessing these.
I feel like a totally uncool teacher.
Like granny over here knows none of this slang
and part of me is sad, but then part of me is okay with it.
– Since I’m not even a teacher anymore,
and haven’t been for almost a decade,
I don’t understand why I know this.
I don’t even watch TV,
so I don’t understand where this is coming from
and I want to.
– You’re just naturally hip.
See I don’t know the new term for hip.
– I liked rad.
We used rad.
– You’re naturally rad.
– I’ll take that.
– I mean, yeah I learned a lot.
I didn’t know a few of them
and now I’ll be paying extra attention
for some of those words.
– I feel like I learned a lot.
I definitely I’m gonna be using the word yeet
in a different way.
Now when the kids throw trash across the classroom
I’ll be like, you just yeeted it.
My daughter uses ‘Dank’ in a way that doesn’t seem to mean disagreeably damp.
Its time now What are some reddit slang everyone should know? Please comment below

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