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Latest Slang Words For a Friend In 2020

The Friend: Love Is Not a Big Enough Word.

Welcome to the SlangWordList’s post on friend words!

Do you want to have fun learning some famous catchphrases and expression words for friendship? Then want to use them with your friends for the friends? Yea we do love that, who doesn’t ?  Ok Let’s do it then.

Here we are going to address synonyms for friends and friendship. There are a lot of cool best friend synonym commonly used in US, Britain and Australia specifically and across the globe generally.

Friends are important part of our lives. They help us in all ways, make us strong to deal with stress, improve our lifestyle and cheer us up. Mental health is directly dependent on Friendship.

We all have friends. Right !!! And we use to spend a lot of time in communicating with them. Effective communication with friends using slang terms increases bond of friendship.

Alright, so if you’ve ever watched the TV series Friends, which if you’re here, I’m sure you have, then you probably realized it’s full of a lot of famous expressions that were used throughout the 10 seasons.

And, so you’ll be learning a lot from them. They can be really great for connecting with other Friends fans, but you’ll also get some useful common expressions and vocabulary that you can start using today.

Here is a list of other words for friend, along with sentences which are more generally related to the friends attachment or slang for best friend. So let’s start with our most popular and latest slangs words on 2020 vocabulary for friends without further ado. This is going to be word with friends dictionary.

Some High-Scoring Words for a Friend

So it’s informal. Some informal slang for you guys to use to impress others. Alright let’s get into it

Hanging out / Chilling:

So a lot of us know the slang hanging out so again like if it’s common if all of us use it, it’s not high-scoring. You have to stand out a little less common but still kind of common is Chilling. Okay ? I’m like I’m

chilling with my friends. So yeah it’s a little better than hanging out.

Keep it Low Key:

But still not impressive so instead of chilling or hanging out you could say I like to keep it low-key keep it low-key this means that you like to have a relaxed time with your friends okay. It relaxed activities not too active some. We need to know word with friends cheat.


Additional vocabulary when you are describing very close friends you could say they are like brothers or like sisters okay and if you are eight dude or a girl for that matter what am I saying whobest you are if you have very close guy friends or you can call them Bros instead of brothers they’re my bros ok? very very native very common.

Clown Around:

You could say like so my friends and I, like to just joke around I have serious conversations sometimes but I’m much more prefer to clown around with my friends so that’s the same as joking around.

Chow Down

If you like to eat with your friends, I do, who doesn’t? You could say we like to “chow down” alright? so that’s another phrase chow down because we eat that’s it but again informal. chowed down especially a lot of food, quickly with friends.

Great mind think alike:

When you’re describing the things you have in common you could say great minds think alike. This is a phrase that my son and I use all the time. He loves it great minds think alike it just means that you have the same ideas.

Catch a flick:

Next slang phrase, you could say “catch a flick” instead of watch a movie. Okay? we’re going to catch a flick downtown. It’s a new indie film it’s supposed to be mind-blowing. Okay!


other words for friend

Now, let’s roll the further list!

How You Doin?

Probably the most prominent line from Friends, this is Joey’s notorious pick-up line. Hey, how you doin’?

A pick-up line is something one says to flirt. More Like this “ Jack: Did it hurt ? Sara: What ? Jack: When you fell from heaven, you angel !

Central Perk:

This is the name of the coffee shop that appears in practically every episode. What you probably didn’t know is that it is actually a joke, a play on words. You’ve heard of the Central Park in New York City, right?


Perk relates to coffee. First, it is short for the word percolate.

Percolate means to brew coffee by forcing hot water through the ground particles of

coffee beans. We can also call the machine that makes this type of coffee a coffee percolator.

Furthermore, we use “perk” as a phrasal verb meaning to become or make more lively or cheerful. Finally, we use it to describe the feeling that we get from drinking coffee.

Since Friends, this expression has become a popular one for a certain type of relationship.

This is how Chandler and Joey describe Ross’ relationship with Rachel at the beginning of Friends.

Friend Zone:

You can use this to describe if you have a crush on someone (are romantically interested in that person), but that person only considers you a friend.

The idea is that if you’ve recently become friends with someone you like, and you wait too long in the “friend zone”, it becomes harder and harder for that person to change their perception of you and be attracted to you.

Since Friends, this expression has become a popular one for a certain type of relationship. This is how Chandler and Joey describe Ross’ relationship with Rachel at the beginning of Friends.

It’s never gonna happen. Why not?

Because you waited too long to make your move, and now you’re in the friend zone.

No, no, no… I’m not in the zone. No, Ross, you’re mayor of the zone.

Check out how it is defined in this movie, Just Friends. What about Sheila, you making any headway?

Well, we’ll see… I’m taking her to lunch today, so– Oh, wow, wow. Don’t- don’t do that.

Okay? Don’t do lunch. Why? That’s like the express lane to the friend zone.

What the hell is the friend zone? See, when a girl decides that you’re her friend, you’re no longer a dating option, you become a complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like a brother…

or a lamp. I don’t want to be a lamp.

Yeah. Well, then don’t be her friend, okay?


Pivot means to turn on a point or shaft. This word choice is quite funny when Ross could have used a more common word like rotate or turn.


He is her lobster.

Phoebe uses this to describe the inevitable reason why Ross and Rachel have to be together. Hang in there, it’s going to happen. Okay, now, how do you know that?

Because she’s your lobster. Oh, she’s going somewhere.

Come on, you guys, it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life.

You know what, you can actually see old lobsters couples walking around their tank, you know,

holding claws, like…

A lobster is a type of shellfish.

In the United States, it is expensive and associated with fine dining. There is a popular type of restaurant that will have a tank of lobsters, and actually let you choose the one you want to eat.

Phoebe says many crazy things, and the image that she portrays here is ridiculous,

but quite funny.

What we would more commonly say in English is, “he’s her soul mate.”

See? He’s her lobster.

This is another line that has been immortalized on many coffee cups, T-shirts, etc.

Use this with Friends fans, and they are sure to laugh!

I wish I could, But I don’t want to:

This is another fantastic line from Phoebe. The expression I wish I could, but… is common when we want to politely excuse ourselves from something in English.

Phoebe’s line is funny, because she uses this polite expression to excuse herself, but then her excuse is simply that she does not want to, which means that she could do what is being asked, making it completely contradictory. Americans still use this nowadays when someone asks a favor, but we don’t want to do it.

I am Breezy:

It was breezy. This is from season 3, episode 2 when Monica is trying to forget about her ex-boyfriend, Richard, who she recently broke up with.

This expression is not very common, however, any Friends fan will recognize it instantly!

It means that you are relaxed, not serious.

Hi, it’s Monica.

I’m just checking in because I got this message from you and I didn’t know if it was old or new or what, so… I’m just checking. So, let me know… or no, whatever.

I’m breezy. Hey, you can’t say you’re breezy.


Amigo: It is a Spanish word for a friend, informally used in English speaking countries. Like we say “Hey amigo, you missed the game. Where were you yesterday?”.


Chum: This is one of the other words for a friend derived from chamber fellow for very close friend or associate or companion. Like “Jake and I are chum since Harvard time.”


Dawg: Slang friend word used for a close male friend. It’s a close substitute for dude, bud, pal.


Bestie: It very common slang for best friend. Like “Shalik and I are besties.”


Biffle: This is synonym for close friend. Best friend slang is described from “BFFL” acronym that means “best friends for life”.


Bhessy: Another good friend slang to express any one as a best friends. Infact it is a slang for best friends forever.


Fam: This is special friend word used, means a dear person you trust extremely such that you consider him/her as a family.One of the words describe someone special.


Mate / m8: This small synonym word for friend for “man”, “dude”, etc. It is generally used for a person which is not well known to someone.


Homeboy: From the word boy in this friend slang depicts a close male friend. It doesn’t mean necessarily from one’s home town.


friend words


Homegirl: Similar for girl slang.


Homie: It is short form of homeboy or homegirl. This means that friend one from your home town, or who you grew up with.


BF: Other word for boyfriend or short form it.


BFF: A short term for “best friends forever”.


BFFL: Same for BFF a short word for “best friends for life”. Slang for best friends forever.


Chica: This friend term is used mostly among girls means cute friend.


Chiquita: This is another one of the cool friend words used mostly among girls means cute friend.


Sis / Sista : A friend slang of compliment used between women, similar to “bro” and “brah”.One of the slang words for girl best friend.

Ace: Very famous slang term for childhood friend.


Ace buddy: One of the slang words for best friends.Very famous friend word term for best childhood friend.


Ace boon coon: This is slang for a very good yet close friend generally used among people of African American descent.


Pal: very short slang word for a friend. Jill and I are best pals.


Chuddy Buddy: Informal word for a close childhood friend:


Bud: Hey Bud. Very short slang word for “buddy”. Best buds, meaning best friends.


Blad: New slang word for brother or friend. This word comes from the “blood” mostly spoken in US and in Britain. Mostly it is refer as british slang for best friend.


Blood / blud: Same as blad .


Bromance: One of the most used words for friendship. This is very famous slang word used b/w male friends. Means extremely close friendship non-s * x ual.


Broseph: Another cool slang used to describe good friend, brother, dude or man.You are loving these words that describe friendship. Right ?


Brother from another mother / BFAM: Very famous slang term for very dear friend. It means a male friend who seems and feels like a brother to you, but isn’t an actual sibling.


Sister from another mister / SFAM: Just like BFAM, very famous slang term for very dear friend. It means a female friend who seems and feels like a sister to you, but isn’t an actual sibling. In short a slang word for female best friend.


My boy / my man: It is expression of joy and celebration used as a slang for “my friend”.


Nizzle: An African American slang word for “friend”.


Cuz: It is a short form of cousin who is friend as well.


slang word

Slang for Friend


Cuddy: Another short word used to express cousin who is friend as well.


Kemo: It means faithful friend, or trusty scout.


Goombah: It is Italian-American slang word used for a close friend or companion.

Weeble: Unusual slang for close friend


Bredren / Bredjrin: A cool slang for brother like friend


Bang buddies: It is funny word means “friends with benefits” FWB,


Cheesemuffin: It is an loving slang word for girlfriend, or a close friend.


Bitch: It is an urban slang phrase of compliment used between women meaning “friend”. Just like “dawg” for males.


Boo: Other word for Boyfriend or girlfriend. Someone you care about a lot and whom you love and adore – your soul mate.


Mucker: This is an Irish slang word for friend.


Wodi / Whody / Whoody: It means a friend or companion.


Tight: One of the words for friendship. For friend it is used to express how close we are. You can describe best friend in 1 words.


Comrade: This friend slang is used to express a fellow member of a movement or organization, especially a socialist one.


Doobhead: Cool slang for friend or homie.



So guys as always you can see all of these phrases typed out for you and I want you to practice using these synonym for friendship. How often do you spend time with friends? What do you and your friends like to do? This vocabulary is going to be helpful so first try it out yourself use this new vocab do those speaking answers.  That’s our total list of slangs for friend! Please let us know if you do have a word we’re missing? If so please share it in the comment below! stay tuned for the next article. Thanks for visit.

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