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Common Slang Words In English For Friends & Family 2020

Hi slang searcher, welcome to friends slang word list.
Let’s Talk, this is me Meera, what I’ve got for you is, slang words we usually end up using for our friends and family and well if you are not one of those who are able to use slang I can assure you that these are
not offensive words. People are not going to get hurt with them only for those whom you
love or you like, especially your friends and family you should use for them and not
for your professional life at all no matter what kind of friends you have become, okay?
I’m quickly going to jump into them and we are going to start with the word or the slang word
“squad”. Now squad, usually is a girl’s squad okay specifically okay? Now these are a group of or a bunch of girls who usually hang out together, party together and they’re the ones who have each other’s back, who trust each other and they are able to do so many things together, probably go on trips together and then end up solving
each other’s boyfriend problems as well or family problems as well. So they call themselves
a squad and they have a tight friendship with one another, okay? Now that’s a girl squad,
a group okay?
Moving from here we have a very, very hip-hop terminology called “home boy”.
Now this actually represents someone whom you can really trust and have faith in. You
know and someone you probably end up calling at the end of the day saying, “Hey could
you please do this for me?” Could you do this favor for me? Or you know what I’m really
hungry, I feel like having this, why don’t you get it for me and he will do it for you
and home boy represents exactly someone who’s from the family, of the family but still a
friend, okay?
Moving on to “bruv”, another very short and slang word for brother of course
from another mother here or probably you’re calling your own brother just bruv you know
“Hey bruv”. I’m sure you must have seen this in so many English TV series if I’m not
wrong they commonly use the word bruv to call a friend out, a guy friend out. Usually a
guy uses it for a guy.
Okay, “chicka” now a very, very nice way of calling your
friend. Chicka is a girl-friend. But let me tell you what, only a girl can call her friend
which is a who’s a girl chicka, hey chicka hmm. Now having said that even if you’re someone,
you’re a guy and you want to call a girl chicka you have to make sure that you say it in the
most respectful manner and you know that that friend will not mind it. Please don’t say
these things to strangers otherwise you would probably get slapped by someone and you don’t
want that, do you? No, right? Okay so chicka is usually a girl-friend a girl calling her
friend chicka, “hey chicka let’s go for a party.” “hey chicka what are you doing
today for lunch, let’s go out.” “Do you want to go for a movie chicka?” That’s how
you can use it.
Now “possum”. Okay, I really like this. I’ve heard a lot of Australians
using this cute little word possum. Now possums are animals who are really, really naughty
and really fast as well, okay? So if you have a friend who’s really naughty and who does
a lot of who’s very mischievous you can call him possum with a lot of affection and love.
Okay, so a naughty friend who’s very mischievous can get a cute tagline of being a possum,
“hey possum, come here.” “I knew it was you who did this, you little possum.”
Okay but it’s again with a lot of love.
Moving on from there we have something called as
“rellies”. Now this terminology like I said I was talking about friends and family
rallies as you can say is for relatives in general, okay? Probably when you are going
out for a dinner or you have a family get-together you can tell your friend who’s asking you
out that, “hey do you want to go out for dinner tonight?” “do you want to go party
tonight or for a movie?” You can tell them that, “oh sorry! I cannot make it today
I have to go meet the rellies.” So you’re trying to say that you want to go and meet
your relatives, okay?
Moving from there we have “rents” which is actually a short
form of parents. Of course it comes from a very, very obvious spelling right there, this
term is specifically widely used in New Zealand and Australia, so calling the parents, rents.
Okay so I’m going to my rents today or this Sunday no plans for me guys I’m going to go
visit my rents.
Now this is obviously another terminology for “folks” which we use quite
often, more than parents we end up saying folks but now you can say rents as well okay?
Well next up we have, “Fam”, another term for family. You know what, you probably have
a family group on WhatsApp and you have a get-together coming up really soon, so you
can probably prepare a message and text saying ‘fam Jam tonight’ that means all of you
are going to meet and have a lot of fun, right? So that is how you can meet fam. I’m going
to go meet my fam today. I cannot wait to go meet my fam. Or we’re gonna travel together
me and my fam. That’s how you can use it, okay?
Now coming to the second last one which
is “hommies”. Another very hip-hop way of calling your friends and family hommies.
Of course we have heard people he was really calling their friends hommies but let me tell
you what if you have a family as chilled out as mine, you can call them hommies as well
and they would not mind it, okay? So again hommies are the ones who probably our friends
but who are so close to you as good as family, okay? And on the other hand like I said, you
can call your family hommies, they could just be the coolest people and they could be the
family just as good as friends, okay?
And the last one here is “dope”. A friend
of yours again, it has to be a good friend otherwise people really get hurt or get offended.
So here in this case a friend who’s really awesome and really cool, you can call him
dope, okay? Cool or awesome friend. Right and that could be your dope friend okay? Now
let’s quickly revise and see what we’ve learned today, we learned that “squad”
usually is a group of girls who are tight and thick friends whom you cannot tear apart.
Okay then we learned that “home boy” is someone from you are actually mentioning to
a guy and not a girl coz that’s a boy written right there. You can also call, you can call
someone home girl as well what’s the harm, it’s correct “home girl” it’s fine okay
and it’s correct. And then we learn that “bruv” is just another terminology for a brother,
okay? “Chicka” is a Spanish way of calling your girlfriend out and “possum” is your
notorious and mischievous sweet little friend okay? “Rallies” are your relatives. “Rents”
are just a short form of parents. Moving on from there your family is your “fam” and
you’re having probably having a fam jam tonight, okay? Make sure you send that message on WhatsApp
the next time you have a family get-together. Your “hommies” like I said, your friends
as good as family or your family as cool as your friends could be your “hommies” and
then “dope” a friend who’s so cool and so awesome that you love to hang out with
him or her quite often and that’s also a way of complimenting. Remember what I said, do
not say these words to strangers or acquaintances or in your professional world. It’s a big
no-no it’s only for the people who you love and care about. Well that’s about it for today
guys, I will be coming very soon right here to with new and interesting lessons until
then keep practicing, keep smiling, this is me Meera signing off of the day guys, bye.
Lol! You’ve Forgotten all other English words…!!✌ Squad- For girls?? Does Pubg squad consist of girls!!!?? Intresting! Hey Reddit community what you say ?

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