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2020 Trendy Kiwi Slang Terms

People from different English speaking countries say that New Zealand slang is not very easy to understand specifically when kiwis are harsh. Lets see how you feel after going through this complete list of slang used in NZ language and how they use it like in Reddit community!

Kiwi Slang


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Fly Cemetery = a pastry filled with fruit-mince

Off one’s Trolley = of a person: very angry, very upset

Bite Ya Bum! = an exclamation of anger/contempt/dismissal

Wrote the Book = of a person: knows everything there is to know about a subject

Bunch of Cake Eaters = soft men, weak men

Moonlight Flit = leaving a rented property at night to avoid paying the rent

Hangman = an independent person who enjoys a good time and doesn’t worry about tomorrow

Grandstand = to seek attention, to show off

Put someone’s Weights Up = to embarrass someone, to inform on someone

HayBurner = a racehorse that costs more in feed & fees than it makes in winnings

Good Bugger = a friend, a person who is a giver and not a taker

Swan about/around = It is sued to say some one relax, to stop working, to waste time

Stack up the Zeds = ZZZZzzzzzzz means to sleep

Keep your Wool on! = It is sued in the case of reduction of anger/panic/stress

Attention Span of a Gnat = It is related to a person: lacking concentration, with minimal focus

Lick into Shape = Kiwi uses this slang for forcefully improve someone or something

Eyes Painted on = it is use for a referee/umpire: missing the obvious, useless

Double Bank = It means double = dub = to carry a passenger on the bar of one’s bike

Couple of Jars = “Hey Jam lets have a dinner and couple of jars after word tonight”. It means a prolonged beer-drinking session

Blue Sky = Very positive Kiwi slang for adjective: creative, idealistic, new, visionary

No Skin off My Nose! = it is used for apathy/disinterest

Plastic Fantastic = It is sued for debit card, a credit card

Gobby =Kiwi use this slang to express a person who is garrulous, self-opinionated

Rooted =It is used for a person: exhausted = of an object: broken, useless = of a project: unlikely to proceed

Blood’s Worth Bottling =It is to express for person: admirable, helpful, staunch

Dab Hand = It means an accomplished operator, a skilled exponent

Back-Blocksy = A Kiwi slang for basic, simple, unsophisticated

Who’s Milking This Cow! = It is used to express retort aimed at anyone attempting to tell one what to do and how to do it

Box of Fluffies! = It is a slang for upbeat retort to the perennial greeting

Horse About/Around = This slang is used to express, have fun, to relax

Drop like a Hot Scone = It is to immediately stop associating with

Balls! = It is an exclamation of disagreement/disbelief

Like a Fart in the wind = To express ephemeral, hidden, invisible, secret

Laughing Gear = Kiwis use these words for expressing one’s mouth, one’s teeth

Bushman’s Friend = It is any plant with leaves large enough and soft enough to be used as toilet paper

Wired = Used for a person: energized, manic, stimulated

Offski = When someone is saying of exiting, leaving, withdrawing – “I’ll see you next week, I’m offski.

Good sport = He is a good sport. Means an easy-going person, a fair-minded person

Fiddle-arse about = I am not going to fiddle-are about.Means not going to dither, to waste time

You make a better door than a window! = New Zealanders use this exclamation demanding someone moves out of one’s line of sight

In old money = It is used for expressing a previous system of measuring – ‘Rai is at least six feet seven in old money’

Walkies = Hey bro you are enjoying walkies. It means the act of exercising one’s pet

In crappers ditch = When kiwis are in trouble with respect to financial strife, in very serious trouble

Storming = It means to express performance: aggressive, impressive

Chur Bro! = This is used for cheering. like cher bro! = cheers brother! = an exclamation of farewell/thanks/welcome

First Cab Off the Rank = Kiwis use this sentence for a person who arrives first or the first project to be considered

Hundy = It is Kiwi slang for a $100 banknote, one hundred dollars (abbreviation)

Crook in the guts = It is used for persons to call them sick, unwell

Bugger! = It is expression of annoyance/frustration/regret

Bollock hair = Kiwis use this slang to express very small unit of measurement – ‘We were within half a bollock hair of winning the match yesterday.

Loaded to the Gunnels = It is slang to express when someone is extremely drunk

Give it a Whack = Means to make an effort, to try something. Hello Jams, why don’t you give it a whack.

Sus – Its is shortest form to express when someone looks suspicious. “Did you observe she looks a bit sus”

Stink one – It means to disappoint someone.“Have you got UEFA final match ticket?” “No” “Aw stink one ”

Keen – Someone is enthusiastic about someone or something.“Do you wanna go to the hike ?” “Keen”

Jandal – Changed form of Sandal. “She preferred to put on black jandals”

Skux – Its different form of saying someone Hot / trendy . For Example “Amanda looks skux in that dress”

Nek minute – Its short form of ‘Next minute’ Like “ She was at the zoo, nek minute”

Mare – It means difficult time “We are going through mare today”

Pack a sad –This word is used when someone is having a tantrum “My brother is packing a sad”.

nz slang

nz slang

One of the things I miss the most being a Kiwi abroad is the New Zealand slang!
I miss just being able to speak how I would naturally and be understood
So today in this article  I wanted to do a tribute to the New Zealand slang or New Zealand English
That we know and love! And also cause it’s crack up (funny)
What I love about the New Zealand English is that it’s such a melting pot language
We’ve got influences from Britain from Aussie from the U.S.
from Māori and Pacific Islanders
So there are so many quirky little words here and there and even though sometimes
We sound like the povo cuzzies (poor cousins) of the Poms (British people)
I think we’re pretty special So what I want to do is go through 110 Kiwi slang words in the fastest manner possible, so I’m gonna move really quickly.I’ll say the Kiwi slang word, and then I’ll give it a little definition and sometimes an example as well.So if you’re keen to learn some new lingo (words, language), let’s roll!
1. Kiwi = New Zealanders + our native bird
2, 3, 4. Sweet As, Mint, Primo = Cool or awesome
5. No worries, all good = OK, not a problem
6. She’ll be right = It’ll be fine
7. Jandals = flip-flops or thongs
8. Thong = G-string underwear
9. Tomato sauce or T-sauce = ketchup
10. Yeah, nah = No thank you
11. Nah, Yeah = Yes
12. Cuz, Bro, Cuzzy bro = friend or mate
13, 14, 15, 16. Knackered, Rooted, Stuffed, Buggered = Exhausted
17. Long-drop = small outhouse out the back where you do your business
18. Jumper = pull-over, fleece, sweater or jersey
19. Hori = trashy
20. Rank = disgusting
21. Skux = a young male dressed to attract the ladies // Skux deluxe = taking skux to the next level
22. Cool bro = Really cool
23. Cool story, bro = NOT a cool story
24. GC = Good c-u-n-t, as in “Oh that Nigel, he’s a GC”
25. Stubbies = beer cans or very short shorts for men
26. Dairy = The corner store
27. Chur bro = Cheers, thank you
28. Piss = alcohol
29. OTP = on the piss, getting drunk
30. Take the piss = to tease
31. Piss head = someone who likes the drink
32. Piece of piss = easy
33. Wop-wops: middle of nowhere, “Barry, he lives out in the wop-wops”
34. Tu meke: Too much, awesome, good job
35. Waka = Māori word for boat or canoe
36. Land waka = bus
37. Loose unit = someone who has no clue what they’re doing
38. Not even = not true, doubt it
39. Ow / Au = gives emphasis to the phrase like “Not even, ow!”
40. Gawk = Stare, “That creep was gawking at me”
41. Gumboots = wellies, waterproof boots
42. Red bands = iconic gumboots made in New Zealand
43. Heaps = lotsl
44. Bogan = an unsophisticated person
45. Westie = a bogan from West Auckland
46. JAFA = Just Another F***ing Aucklander
47. Squiz = Take a look, “oh, let me have a squiz”
48. Hard out = Totally, definitely agree
49. P = methamphetamine or ice, aka New Zealand’s hard drug of choice
50. Dear = pricey or expensive, like “oh that shirt’s really dear!”
51. Pretty = quite, “pretty much, pretty awesome, pretty funny”
52. Munted = broken, damaged or not working
53. Munter = a dumb person
54. Suss = to investigate or suspicious
like “I have to suss it out first” or “oh he looks a bit suss”
55. Chocka or Chocka Block = full, “The bus is chocka block today!”
56. Bach = a holiday home
57. Crib = what the South Islanders call a bach
58. Togs = swimsuit
59. Eh? = Pardon
60. Eh? = Don’t you think?
Like “Oh, she’s cool eh?” or ” that film was really good, eh?”
61. FOBs = Fresh off the boat (used sometimes referring to Islanders)
62. Ware Whare = The Warehouse, a department store in New Zealand
63. Chilly bin = an eskie or a cool, insulated bin
64. Scull = drink without stopping
65. Hard case = funny or witty person
66. A feed = a meal
67. Angus = someone who has anger issues
68. Hungus = someone who’s hungry all the time
69. Faaaaa = Far out, wow
70. As = Used to emphasize any adjective
“Cool as! Cheap as! I’m hungry as!”
71. Shot or shotties = well done, thank you
72. Honest to G = I swear
73. Gizza = Give me a, “Gizza look”
74. Geez = take a look at something, “Gizza geez”
75. Sad guy = Uncool or mean person ,like “oh, what a sad guy”
76. Stink = not very nice
77. Stink fulla = not a very nice guy
78. Floaties = food or dust floating in your drink
79. Pack a sad = sulk, “oh yeah, go on, pack a sad then”
80. Mean as / Choice! = Awesome!
81. Straight-up = telling the truth
82. Hiding = a beating, “Want a hiding, bro?”
83. Ratshit = that sucks
84. Dole = Unemployment benefit.
“Oh did you hear? Johnny’s gone on the dole – again”
85. Undies = Underwear
86. Grundies = dirty underwear
87. Lollies = sweets, candies
88. Kumara = Sweet potato
89. Capsicum = Bell pepper
90. Op Shops = Second-hand stores
91. Bum bag = fanny pack
92. Tiki tour = to go for a drive or have a look around
93. Carked it = Broke or died, “my phone carked it the other week”
“Ah, did you hear about Peter Smith down the road? He carked it finally”
94. Tramping = hiking
95. Judder bar = speed bump
96. Ute = small pick-up truck
97. Chunder = vomit
98. Shame = how embarrassing
99. Dag = a funny person, “oh, that Sharon, she’s a dag!”
100. Scab = someone who’s scrounging for food or money
Like “Stop stealing my chips you scab!”
101. Sesh = Opportunity to smoke marijuana
102. Smoko = tea beak
103. Wag = to skip school
104. Pottle = punnet
105. Rej = reject or loser
106. Ranga = someone with ginger hair
107. Egg = a dickhead, “Don’t be an egg!”
108. Chuddy = Chewing gum
109. Cruddy = run down
110. Boy-racer = a young hoon driving around in a souped-up car over the speed limit
And likely to be found in Palmerston North
Sorry, but it’s true
So that is that
I hope you guys enjoyed that sneak peek into the New Zealand language
If you would like a Part 2 to this video
I’ve got lots more where that came from
and I’d be keen as to do it
So give this video a thumbs up or comment below if you’d like to see that
and until next time, laters alligator, see you in the soup!

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