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New Teen Slang Words 2019

BB TBH stahp Plez Bruh with all the senseless teen communication! Are you pondering over these terms, sayings words? Let Slang Word List assists you with ultimate teen slang words 2019


Teens are more active intelligent and updated lot with respect to current happening in the trends and culture. When it comes to adolescent speaking and cracking their secret language then the only higher expert is Slang words List.


Here, is the latest list of latest teen trendy words which they use as a code in front of others. To figure out new words of communication you must have known 2019 slang words.

Slang for Teenager

Aggro Furious wild at a point


Bread Winner: A person who is earning money


Thicc: It is very diversified slang. Mostly used to express bigger body part or bigger person from usual size


Tossing Coins: It is new conversational term that means ” Making it hail”


Ykwtfgo You Know What The F***k is going on


Awks It is short of Awkward


IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean


RN It is short form of Right Now, Like “I have to fix my car like RN!”


Cheddar Means Money


BUDWEISER  It is short form of “but U don’t want every individual sharing equal rights”.


Dope To express something/someone cool or amazing


Fire it means so hot, Hot in a emotional sense. Uff FIRE! like “Sandra is FIRE!”


GOAT It is acronym of Greatest of all time. Messi and Ronaldo are acclaimed GOATs in Football.


Yeet: To throw something with Power or launched very hard


Yote: Having thrown with power


Ship  Driven from relationship. like “I and Ethan are in ship like so hard.”



Slang Words 2019



Ceebs means ‘can’t be bothered’ e.g. “Ugh, ceebs getting her picked, just use uber.”


Ferda: Means for the boys


Gucci To show good or cool


Honey Wagon It means portable toilet


DGAF  It is abbreviation for ‘Don’t give a f**k’ e.g. “He DGAF what she care”


​Hundo P Slang to express Hundred percent


Stahp  slang for word ‘stop’.


ignant It is short of “ignorant” and used to express displeasure with a situation or person.


Lit It is used to express something awesome


Ala This is new slang term among teens that means fantastic, superb or amazing.


Bbz Short for ‘babes’ as in “The In Stereo boys are such bbz!”


Rides It is more used in speaking and written form for sneakers or shoes


BC Bro Champ. For example “Liam is BC in soccer”


Bae Means you are hot, amazing, pretty. E.g. “The new classmate is bae!”


Salty This slang is often used and it means bitter


Plez Short for ‘please’. we use normally in lazy tone. “Oh bro, plez”


Boss Seriously bad-ass. for example “Niker looks boss with blonde hair.”


thicc definition


WTTP  It is a question means “want to trade photos?”


Sic It means something or someone amazing


Slay A lazy way of saying fire or she killed it e.g. “Girl SLAYYYYYYYYY!”


Srsly It is short form of ‘seriously’


YAS  An over excited version of YES! E.g “We are going to watch league match! YAAAAASS!”


Skurt To express stay away of go away


Netflix and chill This is used in two different cases: 1) literally watching Netflix and chillin’ or 2) to have s** with Netflix playing in the background.


Snatched Means good look catched the eyes


Straight Fire It is latest trendy word to express Hot


Squad Used to represent Gang/friendship group.


Ball Up To fight with someone until both enter the fetal position


KWEEN  To express for a girl who is absolutely slaying it!


Requestion Use to request and a question at the same time


Tuning  Used instead of Chatting up


LMIRL it is used for “Let’s meet in real life”


YAS KWEEN As exaggerated version of YAS GIRL.


Ooft aka impressively hot, Ronaldo is worth a double take


Thirsty It means someone trying to get attention. Desperate for something.


Froth/Frothing  Super keen or excited


Next level cringe It’s not just cringe it’s SO FREAKING CRINGE!!!


V is short form of very


Hangry It is used to express Hungry and Angry


TBF To be fair


Amiright? A rhetorical question, you already know you’re right and everyone should agree with you.


Bang Out  To complete assigned task quickly


teenage Slang



DW Don’t worry

Crashy It is a mixture of crazy and trashy


Can’t even There are no words


TBH Short for ‘to be honest’ e.g “Meh, can’t be bothered tbh.”


Get all preachy  Giving advice in a kinda irritating way


Wacky Tobaccy: A slang term for marijuana


LOL Whut? Excuse me? I can’t believe what I am hear/reading. E.g. “Yeah she said they’re dating now” “LOL Whut?”

australian lang

Forrealz Slang for, for real, legit, it’s actually a thing.


Tool It is used to refer someone who is geek and a stupid


POS It means parents over shoulder and watching us


Zip Ghost  It is to refer someone who is high after using marijuana and having difficulty in normal functioning


YOLO Means you only live once. So enjoy the life once


New slang words


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