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New Teen Slang Words 2020

BB TBH stahp Plez Bruh with all the senseless teen communication! Are you pondering over these terms, sayings words? Let Slang Word List assists you with ultimate teen slang words used in 2020 as well as in Reddit community.

Teens are more active intelligent and updated lot with respect to current happening in the trends and culture. When it comes to adolescent speaking and cracking their secret language then the only higher expert is Slang words List.

Here, is the latest list of latest teen trendy words which they use as a code in front of others. To figure out new words of communication you must have known Reddit 2020 American slang words.

Slang for Teenager

Aggro Furious wild at a point

Bread Winner: A person who is earning money

Thicc: It is very diversified slang. Mostly used to express bigger body part or bigger person from usual size

Tossing Coins: It is new conversational term that means ” Making it hail”

Ykwtfgo You Know What The F***k is going on

Awks It is short of Awkward

IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean

RN It is short form of Right Now, Like “I have to fix my car like RN!”

Cheddar Means Money

BUDWEISER  It is short form of “but U don’t want every individual sharing equal rights”.

Dope To express something/someone cool or amazing

Fire it means so hot, Hot in a emotional sense. Uff FIRE! like “Sandra is FIRE!”

GOAT It is acronym of Greatest of all time. Messi and Ronaldo are acclaimed GOATs in Football.

Yeet: To throw something with Power or launched very hard

Yote: Having thrown with power

Ship  Driven from relationship. like “I and Ethan are in ship like so hard.”

Ceebs means ‘can’t be bothered’ e.g. “Ugh, ceebs getting her picked, just use uber.”

Ferda: Means for the boys

Gucci To show good or cool

Honey Wagon It means portable toilet

DGAF  It is abbreviation for ‘Don’t give a f**k’ e.g. “He DGAF what she care”


​Hundo P Slang to express Hundred percent

Stahp  slang for word ‘stop’.

ignant It is short of “ignorant” and used to express displeasure with a situation or person.

Lit It is used to express something awesome

Ala This is new slang term among teens that means fantastic, superb or amazing.

Bbz Short for ‘babes’ as in “The In Stereo boys are such bbz!”

Rides It is more used in speaking and written form for sneakers or shoes

BC Bro Champ. For example “Liam is BC in soccer”

Bae Means you are hot, amazing, pretty. E.g. “The new classmate is bae!”

Salty This slang is often used and it means bitter

Plez Short for ‘please’. we use normally in lazy tone. “Oh bro, plez”

Boss Seriously bad-ass. for example “Niker looks boss with blonde hair.”

thicc definition

WTTP  It is a question means “want to trade photos?”

Sic It means something or someone amazing

Slay A lazy way of saying fire or she killed it e.g. “Girl SLAYYYYYYYYY!”

Srsly It is short form of ‘seriously’

FOX,Babia Majora,Sweaty: These are informal words used for hot girl.

YAS  An over excited version of YES! E.g “We are going to watch league match! YAAAAASS!”

Skurt To express stay away of go away

Netflix and chill This is used in two different cases: 1) literally watching Netflix and chillin’ or 2) to have s** with Netflix playing in the background.

Snatched Means good look catched the eyes

Straight Fire It is latest trendy word to express Hot

Squad Used to represent Gang/friendship group.

Ball Up To fight with someone until both enter the fetal position

KWEEN  To express for a girl who is absolutely slaying it!

Requestion Use to request and a question at the same time

Tuning  Used instead of Chatting up

LMIRL it is used for “Let’s meet in real life”

YAS KWEEN As exaggerated version of YAS GIRL.

Ooft aka impressively hot, Ronaldo is worth a double take

Thirsty It means someone trying to get attention. Desperate for something.

Froth/Frothing  Super keen or excited

Next level cringe It’s not just cringe it’s SO FREAKING CRINGE!!!

V is short form of very

Hangry It is used to express Hungry and Angry

TBF To be fair

Amiright? A rhetorical question, you already know you’re right and everyone should agree with you.

Bang Out  To complete assigned task quickly

teenage Slang

DW Don’t worry

Crashy It is a mixture of crazy and trashy

Can’t even There are no words

TBH Short for ‘to be honest’ e.g “Meh, can’t be bothered tbh.”

Get all preachy  Giving advice in a kinda irritating way

Wacky Tobaccy: A slang term for marijuana

slangs 2020 reddit

LOL Whut? Excuse me? I can’t believe what I am hear/reading. E.g. “Yeah she said they’re dating now” “LOL Whut?”

australian lang

Forrealz Slang for, for real, legit, it’s actually a thing.

Tool It is used to refer someone who is geek and a stupid

POS It means parents over shoulder and watching us

Zip Ghost  It is to refer someone who is high after using marijuana and having difficulty in normal functioning

YOLO Means you only live once. So enjoy the life once

Bored To Death: This is a slang word that means extremely bored, dull or lack of interest.

SOIREE: This is a fancy slang word used for party or social gathering.

NOOB: This is a gamer slang to represent newbie.

GAMER: This word is used for expressing a player who used to play some interactive games.

OUTWIT: This informal word is used as another word for BEST.

Best Board Games for Adults Who Like to Party

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Do Parents Know Their Teens’ Favorite Slang? | React: Do They Know slang words reddit?

Let’s see if parents know what their kids are saying these days!

– What, do you say “A-F” or do you say “Af.”
– “A-F.” – That’s how bad I am!
– Hey, I was a teenager once. – “Once.”
– Tyler, can you tell me who you’re with today?
– I am here with my wonderful mother, Tiffany.
– He’s my oldest, so, you know, we’re pretty close.
– This is my amazing Madre, whom I love.
– This is my mom! She’s the best.
– We’re very close.
She knows all the tea, all the drama, all the beef at school.
– We brought you guys in today because we wanted the teens
to test their parents to see if they know the meaning
of their favorite slang words. – Okay.
Do you know what a slang word is? – Yes, I know what a slang word is,
but I’ve been out of the circulation for a while,
so I might not know as many as– – He’s not gonna know any of them!
– I work in a school, so I hear some of the kids using,
you know, some of the words.
– I usually don’t say that many slang words around her
because I know she won’t get it.
– My brother, he’s very old-fashioned and uses posh words.
That rubbed off on me, or at least I just want
to impress him, so I usually don’t use slang words.
– I might know some but probably not all of them.
I know he gets mad when I say some slang words
because he thinks I sound really silly–
– That’s why I try to refrain from saying any.
– Here is your first slang word. – Oh, this is my word.
I feel like I don’t usually say this around you
because it’s kind of a half bad word.
– I would think it would mean “fart” or something.
– It sounds like a bad word.
Is it? – What do you mean?
We all say this, me and my friends.
– Oh, I know this one.
I use it around friends– – You don’t use it at home.
– When my swearing doesn’t have to be censored.
– Okay, I’ve never heard this one.
I think it’s really funny, though.
– Do you know what this means?
– Uh, “deadass” could be “lame.” – You’re completely off.
– No.
– Someone who doesn’t text back?
– Somebody who is a badass?
– It means… uh, like, “for sure”?
– I would say it’s an emphasis on seriously, like,
“Deadass, this is the best meal I’ve ever had.”
– It has the word “ass” in it. How is that good?
– When people say “deadass,” they’re usually clapping,
and they mean “serious,” like, “This is serious.”
“This is deadass… deadass.”
– So that’s what I say next time I want you to do something.
– How would you use this in a sentence?
– “I’m deadass serious about it!”
Oh, no!
I have no idea. – Good try.
– “Tyler, get out of bed. You’re such a deadass.”
– You’re gonna go home and be like, “Deadass, Mikaela, you’re so annoying.”

– Here’s your next word.
– I don’t even want to imagine what that means,
and if I had to guess, it would be a bad word,
so I’m not gonna even go there.
– Well, do you say “A-F” or do you say “Af”?
– “A-F.” – That’s how bad I am!
It stands for something. Do you know what it stands for?
– No.
– Like, on point, kind of like seriously?
– “A-F.” – That’s my word.
– As eff.
He’s said that a couple of times. He’s used that word.
I mean, I guess I should be glad that you’ve used that
instead of the actual word.
– I’m kind of surprised you got it right.
– I know what this is, and if you repeat it, you’re in trouble.
– Okay, yes, mother.
– “As fudge.” –
– I can’t say the F-word. – There you go.
– Is it like that? – Yeah.
– Acronym, right? – Yes.
So you are in the ballpark. It is an acronym.
It means “as.” – Oh, nice.
– If I’m really tired, I’m like, “I’m tired AF.”
– How would you use it in a sentence?
– You guys are really putting me on the spot.
I have no clue how to use these words!
– How would you describe me, and then add “AF” onto the end.
– “She’s sassy AF.”
– There you go! Good job!
I’m proud of you.
– “That is cool AF.” – Nice!
There you go. Yes. She’s learning.
– Here’s another. – Oh, okay.
This is my word that I chose, so– – “Bet”?
– These are really good. – Okay, B-E-T.
Well, “bet.”
– Ooh! I like this one. Do you know what it means?
– Like, “I bet you something”?
– “I bet.” Gamble? Never heard that one being used.
– This makes me think of The Network.
– I would say, “You can bet your life on it.”
– This one, I feel like, I say.
– “I bet you’re super cool” or something.
– Oh, I know this one.
Someone said something and you would reply “bet,”
which means you’re being challenged and you will do it.
– It means “okay” or “I’m down.”
– So it’s just a simple “okay”? – Yeah, pretty much.
– Like a challenge. – It’s like a challenge.
– When people dare you to do something or say, oh, you won’t do this,
people will just say “bet.”
– It also means, “Okay. Yes.”
– “Bet” is not saying “okay.”
I’m serious, Jayka! – Okay.
– Yeah, no, bet. – Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
What have we done?
– How would you use that in a sentence?
– “I’m gonna walk out that door. Bet.”
– That was a good delivery, though, too.
– “I bet you don’t know what this is.”
It’s just like when, in the old days, the word “bad” came out
and everybody thought “bad” was good. Now “bet” is okay.
I can live with that.
– Here’s another. – “Sus”?
– So this is mine.
I feel like she’s never heard me say this one
just because I also censor myself around her
just because I don’t want her to ask what stuff means.
– Do you know this? – I don’t know it.
– I feel like you’ve seen it.
– No idea what that means.
– Substandards?
– Disgust sus? No, I don’t know.
– That was a good guess, actually. – Okay.
– It looks like “suspended.” – You’re kind of in the right direction.
Like, it’s being part of a word.
– “Sus” is… I guess you would say it’s short for “suspicious.”
Someone’s doing something really shady behind your back,
you’d go to your friend and be like, “That is so sus.”
– If you didn’t answer your phone, I’m like, “Why is he being sus?”
You know? – Okay.
– You could say something like, “That guy was a little sus
when he was talking to us. I think he was lying.”
– Just chop it. – This is the problem
with today’s society. – Why? You think we’re lazy?
– Yes, exactly!
When you text, I always tell you text in complete sentences.
Like, this, I wouldn’t know what the heck you’re saying.
– How would you use it in a sentence?
– Well, probably like she used it. “That’s really sus”
or something like that.
– “You’re suspect.” – That works.
– How about “those two look sus”? I don’t know.
– I guess.
– I don’t mind you using it. – It’s very appropriate.
– It’s not a big deal.
– Here’s another. – “Wildin’.”
– That sounds like the wild, wild west.
– What do you think this means?
– You know I say this, too.
– Well, maybe you do but I don’t know what it means.
– I really don’t know.
– Oh, it’s my pick. I picked it.
I use this a lot.
– You’d be like, “Oh, she’s wildin’.” Like she’s going crazy?
– Yeah.
– “Do you want something crazy”?
– “Crazy”? – Yeah, that works.
– “Being wild”? – You got one!
– Yay!
– If someone’s doing something really crazy
or being outlandish, all that sort of stuff,
you’d say, like, “Oh, he’s just wildin’.”
– If somebody takes a scandalous picture or something,
I’d be like, “She’s wildin’.”
I use it a lot in my everyday vocabulary,
so– – Which I am not proud of.
– It doesn’t have a bad word in it, so I am okay if she were to use it.
– And how would you use it?
– “Me and my friends are going wildin’ this weekend.”
Hey, I was a teenager once. – “Once.”
– “You’re wildin’.” – She used it in a sentence!
– “They were wildin’ at Coachella.”
– She’s wildin’ all the time, too, so that’s one of her personality–
– When your dad knows that you’re wildin’.
He’s wildin’, too.
He jumped out of a plane. – I am.
Well– – Where do I get it from?
– Here’s another. – “Rip”?
– “Rip” or “R-I-P”?
– That’s obvious but it’s gotta be something different.
– What do you think this means?
– Well, I would be using it as, you know, “condolences,”
“rest in peace.”
– Is it just what it looks like? “R-I-P”?
– Like “took away from you something”?
– I don’t even know what it means.
– This is my pick. – Yeah.
Yeah, and I’ve actually heard him say this.
“RIP” is just something that’s “over” or “dead” or “no good.”
– Just something bad happened.
People will be like, “Oh, RIP.”
– When I’m texting somebody, “Oh, I got so much homework.”
Then they’ll just type in “RIP” and that’s it.
– Like you’re dead? Like this is too much?
– Yeah, just like somebody else.
– It’s more for funny stuff.
It’s like, “R-I-P, like you got friend zoned.”
– We’re not actually telling someone to “rest in peace.”
We’re just like, “Ugh!”
– Oh, “we wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.”
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– So how would you use it in a sentence?
– Text me something really long and I’ll just say “RIP.”
– Thanks.
– If someone were to say to you, “I broke my phone.”
You’d be like, “RIP.” – Wow!
– “Anahita, I cannot come over. RIP.” – Oh, yeah!
Yeah, good job! That was actually good, dad.
– “You’re in trouble. You didn’t do your chores.”
– Then use– – “RIP!”
– There you go.
– Here is another. – There’s no way.
There is no way you’re gonna get this.
– “Yet”? –
– This is mine. I say it all the time,
no matter what. It’s a dead meme, absolutely,
but it’s still fun.
– What do you think that means? – I have no clue what that is.
– No idea what that is.
– I’ve heard this but I have no idea what it means.
– Does it mean “yes”?
– Oh, my. – You’ve heard this one.
– Yes! – Yeet!
– My son, he’ll answer the phone and say this.
I’m guessing it means “yeah” or “yes.”
– This one’s really weird because it doesn’t have a specific definition,
I would say, like the others.
You kinda just say it as you’re doing an action.
– It used to be just like “yes.” I don’t know.
That was back when dabbing was cool.
– Doing something just crazy or just weird.
If you just threw something across the room,
you’d be like, “Yeet!”
– I have my wallet. I will throw…
See? – Like “really great”?
Like you’re so excited you’re gonna throw stuff?
– I’m sorry. It’s just really weird to explain.
– Really? Is it that weird?
– Because there’s no definition. You just do it.
You just say it. – It’s a feeling?
– People just kinda go “yeet.” – You just yell it out?
– Yeah.
– That’s the only way I’ve heard it used.
I think it’s totally fun. I would do it, to be a total dork.
– Yeah! (Are you laughing ?)
– (FBE) How would you say it in a sentence?
– Let’s see.
“I just got a raise. Yeet!” – (lol)
She’s like a teenager trapped in her body, honestly.
– “The house is clean. Bills are paid. Yeet!”
– How do you feel about your mom not knowing this slang,
but now getting it? – I’m never saying it again.
– I’m so sorry. Yeet! Not. (hahahah)
– RIP.
– This is good to teach him these words
so that when he hears it, he actually knows.
– This way, I know what she’s talking about,
and I’m not walking into something that I have no clue,
so, yeah, I enjoy learning it.
– Thanks for watching us get tested on slang–
– On the React channel.
– Don’t be sus! – Subscribe!
– What are your favorite slang words? – Let us know in the comments.
– Bye!
– Hey, guys, I’m linguistic specialist , a slang word list contributor.
Thank you so much for visiting this episode
of Do They Know It.
Be sure to follow us,
so you can see what our community is up to. Bye!

Slang Resources:

The website Dictionary can help a lot to know teen slang words.Slang words change frequently and this dedicated dictionary is great updated content source.

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