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Toronto Canadian Slang Words And Their Meanings 2020

Toronto Slangs of 2020

Hey how’s it going? I’m Lilly with slangwordlist and I’m excited to teach you some Canadian slang terms of 2020. I’m always jumping at every opportunity to tell people. I’m Canadian I’m specifically from Toronto emphasis on the way, I’m saying Toronto. You know someone is from Toronto if the T is silent if someone says Toronto it imposter. So do you know

What is slang for Canadian? What do they call live in Canada? What are some UK slang words? Why do Canadians say eh? What is 6ix? Why Toronto is called 6ix? Well if you don’t then let me explain for you.

So this is me HOOOLY this is just an exaggeration when something’s cool or when you’re annoyed it’s like kind of like oh my God but Canadians really like to say not holy but holy usually followed by man. That’s holy man. WASTE !! I know this because my mom says it’s a lot to me everyday because she’s usually at me okay waste see you can’t even say waste it’s not waste it’s waste and this basically refers to a situation a person that is being useless or not ideal for example if there’s someone that was late to a party but you are waste Wow interestingly enough you could also say man at the end of this waste man’s waste Manza Drake lyrics are making a lot of sense to you right now.


Aren’t YUTE yes commonly paired with waste as well. Yute – basically means a youth so you could call someone a waste and yute. If they’re also being a little wax it stopped being a waste yute. I probably say this five times a week so it’s a strong one the culture is strong with this one.


TING ah love so. I can’t even say the word ting to be honest if I have to say ting it feels so unnatural. I always say ting and every time I do people always respond being like who are you trying to be ? I need to just emphasize this is how Toronto people speak ting basically means like it could be like your boyfriend your girlfriend someone you’re talking to. I’ll give you an example when Drake posted a picture with me he said a toronto sweeter ting.It is a slang for boyfriend or girlfriend in Toronto Canada.


REACH this one has caused me a lot of confusion living in LA because I always use this and people have no idea what I’m saying. So if I’m inviting someone over my house, I’ll say hey about to watch Game of Thrones reach and they’ll be like reach for what reach ? means just come I come to me come over come to the location that I am in is reach THE 6IX. I mean come on this 6ix has become famous by Drake. Obviously he’s national bird of Canada and he calls Toronto the six also popular names for Toronto are T dot dot I have a song called IV i v-i. So I’m gonna throw it out in the mix as well trying to has a lot of great names but the 6ix is probably one that has become really popular the last little bit.


He SCOOPED me. It’s not ice cream I wish it was scoop me means come pick me up so hey I don’t where I can come scoop me. AHLIE okay cool so this is kind of my up someone’s way of saying am i right? LINK UP means meet up. So you are let’s link up at the party at eight you know when I was in high school, I was saying you’ll link up down the block so my parents don’t see you’re picking me up from the driveway. Let’s link up as far away as possible from would be how I used link up.


TRUUU okay I cannot tell you how many times a day I say this word. Just as is spelled just like this I don’t know what it is about Canadians in Toronto people. We need to validate the truth all the time so it could be a replacement for okay or like I got it or I understand. But if someone says to me EEP truuuu this is very good truuu this song is so good truuu truu this person is idiot truuu truuuu. I don’t know and we don’t like that apparently. MANDEM is just a way of saying like those guys are friends like so I mean the Mandams are gonna come and meet you or link up at eight mean the Mandam. It’s a lot of influence with like jamaican patwa I’d like to say Toronto was such a melting pot of cultures so in high school and I was growing up not only was a Jamaican influence but there was like Sri Lankan influence and Indian influence and so it’s kind of like everybody understands everyone else’s slang and language DUN KNO you? Don’t know how do we explain dun kno. You dun kno like you you better believe it you got that right that type of thing. So are you gonna come to my birthday party you dun kno.


LIVE I feel so good it’s a it’s a positive word you know like how’s the party the party was live, it was live FROM TIME ah so Drake famously says Scarborough this is combining all of our words actually Scarborough ting since time G since time from time same type of thing. He’s from a long time ago from day one like have you been friends we’ve been friends from time he’s like a really good friend you’ve known for a long time I could be a professor oh my god this is forget late night arms do you know if it was in America really ARMS means like really tight would you say Titan America it means if someone does something to you that’s like a little cheap and if they kind of screw you over like your your arms often combined with bare arms and your bare arms like if someone won’t give you $2 you know your bare arms that’s how you’d say that.

DON’T CHEESE me eight this means like don’t annoy me don’t piss me off don’t play with me so if someone’s like pulling your leg a little bit like don’t cheese me a like don’t don’t annoy me. SUS like suspect someone who’s like a little questionable they go you’re sus. I don’t quite trust your situation sweeter me sweeter man’s would be Drake Drake is a SWEETERMANS boys who are like you know gentlemen and they’re not. I don’t know it’s how girls be like you use the sweeter man’s.BOUT IT,  your bout it your gear with it like this article I’m bout it I like this post I like your comment below thumbs up subscribe a lot of things too.

Come on TIMMIES. Timmies is Tim Hortons and it is the main food group in Canada that’s ice cap iced cappuccino Timbits not doughnut holes Timbits is what it is a I know a lot of Canadians like to say they don’t say this because I think over time we’ve been made to feel bad and guilty about this but no I proudly say EH. I still say to live in LA for four years I had a lot of my sentences like this I don’t tell you I’m just thanks for watching a Oh Canada


toronto slang 2020


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That’s our total list of Canadian Toronto slang words 2020! Please let us know if you do have a word we’re missing? If so please share it in the comment below! stay tuned for the next article. Thanks for visit.


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