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British Slang Words

Ever changing casual words and phrases in our verbal and written communication are called slang words. Slang terms are used in all languages around the globe. Like American slang phrases, British are also much active in continuously adding informal terms in their linguistic vocabulary. Specifically in social media such rude, hilarious and interesting words are common that British use.

British Slang are not only used in United Kingdom, but also frequently adopted by English spoken population of countries which were Britain colonies in the British Empire era like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, India and Pakistan.

American and British languages are way diverse though doesn’t seem to be different. Like Brit uses “bloke” and American have “bae” for the same expression.

Here is a latest list of current and most popular British slang words phrases, terms and idioms. This list is going to help those who are going to learn UK English or planning to visit in English (UK) speaking countries.


American Slangs Vs British Slang Words Audio

You are going to love these unusual terms and would love to talk like Brits!!


This term is frequently used when some one is having heated argument or confrontation.
i.e “We shouldn’t argy-bargy over Meghan and Kate alleged differences ”


It is used when someone “claim the right to have” or “do something because you said you wanted it first” or “succeed in securing something”  Example.  Bagsy nature of children is by default all around the world


Empty nonsense slogans without showing real action.  Like “Kelly is just doing braggadocio, don’t expect from her.”


It is typical way of calling an individual , person man or dude. i.e “Dude Perfect youtube channel owns by nice blokes”


Can you please pass me that bog roll. What ?bog roll?

Yes, I mean toilet tissue roll.


Let me tell you surprising thing what just happened. What ? You know “Jimmy was caught bang to rights in the club by her G.F.” What ? Yes he was caught red handed in action.


I was standing in the train and there was little room to get sit on the seat. I asked one person to please budge up so that I can fit on the seat.


It is used to express dazzling performance or showing great appreciation.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan gave a very blinding first speech after becoming prime minister.


“To get angry and irritated on someone”.Claudia was cheesed off at her hubby in the party, I don’t know why?


“Jim was very chuffed about the Manchester United match last night”. That means Jim was very pleased 🙂

British Slang words

11- CHIPS:

I like to eat chips before eating burger in a deal. Brit call french fries , chips 🙂

12- CONK:

It has many meanings like get faint or suddenly fall asleep, to get kinky hair straightened etc.

But as a slang in Britain it means “A blow on head or nose”

“Sarah wasn’t fasten seat belt and get conked with the car windscreen when I applied sudden breaks”


It means full of people.

“There was a chockablock scene outside royal palace on the occasion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding in May 2018”


To represent expression of brilliance about someone or something.
“Jack is a real corker who met the year end tough sale target”


What is this doofer ? DIGGIMIGGA , SHIGGIUADEN.

Doofer means a thing or word which has no name/meaning.

16- DISHY:

Ronadlo is not only a super footballer but also a dishy.

Dishy means good looking, handsome or hot.


It means Something or someone unable to meet expectation. Single word “Squib” means the same.

“New defender in the Liverpool football team seems a damp squib.”

18- DOSH:

Just like American uses buck to express a dollar similarly Brit describe pound as dosh


It is very common term means The Police.


It is a famous British slang word to represent a period of two weeks.
“Jeddy and Humy will be in London for a fortnight”

british slang words 2019

21- KIP:

A British slang for a nap or a bit of sleep. It also means bed.


It means exhausted or very tired.

“Meghan Markle is knackered after attending long event during her pregnancy”


It means supervisor, manager or employer.

“Kayl is our new gaffer and we are going to throw an official welcome dinner for her”


“Pogba has been brilliant since Jose Mourinho was sacked.Jose might go to spare after knowing this” It is a British slang for getting frustrated, angry or enraged.


It is an interesting slang for T.V.

“Kids shouldn’t give much time in front of idiot box”

26- JOCK:

A slang for buddy.

“Hey Jock, there is a game tomorrow. You are in for that”


It is used to express out standing performance.

“He got all tasks cleared in first attempt? He must really know his onions.”


It means lively gathering or party. “Older Persons Forum enjoy end of year knees-up at Christmas party”


A British slang to express someone who is extremely drunk. Like “Adam was so legless he got everything wrong”

30- LAG:

A person who is convicted and sentenced for a long time in a jail.

“Jacob is a lag and wont be able to work anymore”

british slang 2019


A British slang means annoy.

“Jemma might be miffed if you wont call her for the party”


Marble is a slang for good sense or intelligence. Example “Where are your marbles? it’s very easy question”


When things go wrong then this term pear shaped is used to express.

Example: “We are unable to understand how to fix this pear shaped time period on us.”


A causal word for an incompetent person. i.e “Parents advise their kids , not to make numpty guys your friends.”

35- NOB:

It is informal British term to represent a wealthy person with high social status.
“You surely going to find a lot of nobs in London riding fancy cars.”


In informal dictionary of British words, it means very drunk.


A slang for a policeman.

Lets see how idris elba explains british slang.It just means thing you can say ting in so many ways. You can say like you know we do lay up um I got this thing to do what you’ve got your pockets. Let me see you saying just my things you know it’s that kind of thing and it um it’s useful words. Next is fit: fit means you look good like you’re buff, buff is another word for good. Now this is a fun one you know because I was named s-e-x-iest man of the year and what you could say is, it yourselfer is fit see what I did there chirp sing – chirp someone is like if you go into a pub and you see a girl and you like well she’s nice and when I go and talk to her, talking to her is called chirps in English rhyming slang. We say birds but for women it’s not cool at all but that’s why it is bird and when you talk to a bird you chirp and so your chirps in a girl my chirps eat days are over. Bening what it actually means is that I when I’m Bening I’m laughing that man that you could say like this yo oh. I saw my guiding of a day you know he had me Bening Adam so little quick history lesson here so cockney the word caught me is I would say it’s a people that come from an area in East London that area in East London is defined by the bow bells. The bow bells or church bells that are in bow and when they ring they have like a three mile radius of their sound and if you are within that free maría de s– then you are technically a cockney. Now the cockneys would use slang and they will rhyme words with other words and that’s what cockney rhyming slang is Adam and Eve believe you could say. I guess mate I saw this purple dragon the other day I don’t I didn’t believe ya I don’t Adam yeah I think I said could use it Barney. Barney is cockney rhyming slang for Barney is for trouble so you say like you know mate is gonna be some Barney when he comes you know if you don’t clean this place up it comes from Barney. Rubble a Flintstone character Rubble rhymes with trouble shebang bait this is a bit more modern it’s kind of like saying putting yourself out there it’s like you’re gonna be embarrassed that’s gonna be bait like you’re going into a restaurant and you know you haven’t got your wallet you could say that is bait in it it’s kind of like getting affirmation and it comes from ain’t it or so isn’t it so it’s become in it.It’s obvious in it rare tear tear I think rare tear tear means and blah blah blah you know it’s kind of like saying and then rare tear tear it’s like saying there was a lot of Java ranked something who’s disgusting it’s like his rank in here you might say it’s like he took off his shoes in the f**king room it was ranked apples and pears everyone knows this one even the Americans know what going up the apples and pears means it basically means apples and pears stairs so I’m going to go up the apples meet me up the apples pears okay big up big up is just like yep nice to see you man bigger just like hail hail like they were doing Roman times but instead of saying hail sounds cooler to say Big Ups 11 OS if you’ve got some 11 os’s you’ve got trainers or for my American friends sneakers that are worth over a hundred and ten pounds Oh Alan whicker’s Alan whicker’s ranted knickers okay knickers and no knickers are so no don’t get you Alan and a twist quite funny she was lovely but she had no Alan’s I did enjoy the experience I learned a few things I hope you did too next thing I think I will do is go back to the bow bells and renew my cockney license and just get fairest of the slang I wish you the best and his one for you this show was the dog’s bollocks

Some latest Brit Slangs we came across:

a- Balls Up: This term Brits use when they fell in a messed up situation

b- Collywobbles: British people say this term when someone is having feeling of acute nervousness

c- Gobby: This phrase is used about someone who is being a loud mouth and/or offensive

d- Legless: To express for someone who is extremely drunk

e- Knackered: It means someone is tired and exhausted

f- Miffed: Slang is used by british people when they are upset or offended

g- Minted: Means to be wealthy

h- Tosh: Please avoid tosh talk in the subway. Means nonsense

i- Tool: He is so tool that everyone uses him. Refers to someone who is stupid or a geek

j- Wazzock: British used this term for an idiot

[This page was published in May 2019 and updated in January 2020 with Latest British Slangs for 2020]


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