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Australian Slangs

Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie knows the difference between “chunders” and “chucking a sickie,” and now you will too. Learn 50 Australian slang terms with Margot Robbie!

Hi I’m Margaret and I’m gonna teach you some Aussie slangs.
BLUDGER: Okay a bludger is like someone who’s lazy.
Hey dink I’m kind of like far out GOOD ON YA well good on ya mate like that so it was a RIPPER of a party but he’s a Ripper of a bloke good. HARD YAKKA its like hard work, I’ve never used the word DOOVALACKY in my life I have no idea what it means.
Oh so if you CRACK ON TO SOMEONE you’re hitting on them if you kiss too much and like your face is all red you say you’ve got PASH RASH what you call a THONG we’d call that a g-string orgy banger but thongs to us are your flip-flops. He’s a CROOK he’s a criminal I’m feeling crook I’m feeling sick.
CHUCK A SICKIE you’re like calling in sick.
BOTTLEO is a liquor store
TINNY can either be a boat or a vehicle
STUBBY that’s a bottle of beer
FROTHIES for it you’re excited for you froth those you really like those
CHUNDER vomit spew throw-up
BARBIE like barbeque
ARVO have avocado are both afternoon so ya like it salvo we’re gonna go to the bottle Oh get a couple of Tenney’s.
DAKS are you pants like trousers and so if you dak someone you it’s like when you run out behind them and you pull their pants down.
WHINGE so if your whingeing you’re complaining like you’re whining.
DAG is for dog.
BOG is a shit or poop as you would say in America.
UTE is a pickup truck, like jump in the back of the ute.
TOGS of the youth togs your bathing suit put your togs on ratbag my nephews a wrap bag like a little like a cheeky little song so someone who’s like kind of misbehaving.
FANNY in America I think you guys call Fanny like your bum is your fanny in Australia your front bum is your fanny.
ESKY I think you call it a cooler
CUPPA cups cake
DUNNY it’s a toilet, sitting on the dunny sitting on the toilet
DURRY it’s a cigarette
SHEILA I think everyone knows that one a woman female
SNAG is a sausage
SOOK someone who’s having a cry like having a sort
SLAB of beers I think you would say carton of bears.
if you’re in a room and you say it’s CHOCKERS in here so you can’t move there’s so many people.
DOODLE it’s like kind of what you would call the p-e-n-i-s if you were young.
BOGAN kind of like white-trash
MOZZIE mosquito
DOGS EYE I don’t know what dogs eye mean I’ve never said that.
If you’re a TOSSER you are a d-i-c-k-head a bit of a jerk
HOOROO hello and goodbye
RACKOFF like p-i-s-s off
GROMMET say I’m a young surfer
S-H-I-T HOUSE toilet kind of makes sense
OLD FELLA like I think I guess fella comes from fellow like so an old man like some old fella prank my car what a wanker that sort of thing great.
GRUNDY I’ve never heard that in my life I mean if you if you chopped out GR and had it just as UNDY that’s what I call underwear.
SPIT THE DUMMY like have a tantrum.
OFF THE ROCKER crazy he’s totally off
COME A GUSTER I don’t know what that means I think that’s enough slang for one day any Aussies reading I’m sorry if I described them incorrectly and for anyone not Aussie I hope you learned something.
Rose Byrne and Chris O’Dowd Teach Australian and Irish Slang
I’m Rose Byrne and I’m gonna be teaching
Chris O’Dowd Australian slang my name is
Chris O’Dowd I’m going to be teaching
young rose byrne over here some Irish
slang way what I can see you doing like
a QVC job right yes in my future is it
fish is it where did you hide the fish
no what’s the story
yes okay oh he’s gonna get it sucking
diesel drinking alcohol driving fast no
getting high no but you’ve well mapped
out sucking diesel it means like going
grace like oh how is it going on so I’m
sucking diesel no no was a these are
really easy no why no worries yes
similar or two of the same Lane here no
choice it’s not like Australian stuff is
gonna be complicated
they’re quite simple paper black stuff
um black stuff what does that mean what
does that mean like a bad time no
although this can lead to – oh heroin
no you could have a pint of the black
stuff Oh
Guinness yes in it yes what do you say
for someone who’s a loud obnoxious drunk
just an Irish one Australia gone
walkabout gone it was yeah yeah time for
a walk not the full shilling no not the
full quid hot under the collar angry yes
the Jax Jax the ships you go there quite
quickly in a way you’re not a million
miles off you’re pissed off no Jax no
you’re closer with shit I don’t know
the Jax is actually just a name for the
toilet yeah going back goodbye
is it a pouch for your vagina yeah no
dude Maggie’s in an idiot like it’s a
it’s alcohol it’s like a cask wine oh
it’s a drink yeah
is it a cheap one yes rugger booger that
a kid no no no it’s a person who’s big
into a specific sport kind of in South
Dublin oh my God he’s such a rug or
poker Oh like he’s gay no I mean there’s
quite a lot of clue in the in the word
like you’re into rocks it’s a sport that
they play quite a lot of in Australia
yes carry on like a pork chop they’re
having like a pig
no is it acting the dick yeah yeah pull
your socks up get on with it yeah I
don’t even feel that an Irish one that’s
just good clothing manners those
breakfasts mess yes how would you use it
like traffic traffic as my dog’s
breakfast sponge act I mean I’ve got
literally no idea what does that mean it
means broken yeah banjaxed army bikers
meatballs of banjo whatever head like a
dropped pie I would say the mess of a
man just enough yeah just crazy it could
be a transitory term could you be like
oh my god I had a head like a drop I
this morning no no no I know I know it’s
sort of like it’s a constant Spencer
sentence oh no dirt bird like a Sonny
you know
toy boy ago yeah that or um yeah or
whore sometimes it can also be somebody
who just curses a lot okay yeah foul
mouthed I think it felt pretty evil
so well it’s really terribly I think
that you took the first round and then
it was probably even
My dad ruined my childhood. As an 11 yr old he taught me thid song “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch A bottle of water, Jill the dill forgot the pill and now they’ve got a daughter”,😂