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Modern American Slang Words With Infographics

English language is the most common one that is used on the globe when we think of diversified languages. This high worldwide usage of English and mixture with different cultural languages, make it more evolving dialect type. New generation especially Teenagers make full use of new words in their frequent talk and hence help to add new slang words in the English dictionary. American English is getting progressed rapidly in terms of most common slang words addition in the society and in dictionary.

American Parents and non-American English speakers should know these American slang words compiled in the list to keep them updated with the young generation talk.

Slang terms are one of the hard phases of language learning because of phrases variation from town to town.

Why people use slang phrases or slang idioms in routine conversation especially on social media?

One of the reasons of using jargon terms is to look cool and to sound less formal. People use to feel easier in communication while using slangs. Teenagers use funny American slang words to attract others and to communicate in a secret way as well.

Now even slang sayings are added in the Native American English dictionary 2019.Here is a list of latest and most popular American slang words people use. You don’t have to necessarily use them in your speech. This American slang word list will helpful for non-native people to understand the speech of Native American who use slang idioms in their communication.

Best way to learn new slang terms is to write them down and speak 2-3 times so that your ear can heard them. That’s it, simple.

Most Common American Slang Words and Phrases with Meaning. [Updated for 2020]

AAF: It is a short form of “As a Friend” Mostly used in written communication over social media Like”Jack is not my boy friend he is just AAF” 

AABF: This american internet slang means “As a Best Friend” e.g “Sara is so helping that she can be everybody’s an AABF

ASAIK: It is short term to express ”As Soon As I know” like “Let me reach college and let you update the situation ASAIK”

A Buck: Most frequently used in spoken communication in all age categories. It is American slang for one dollar ($).E.g “14th Street Pizza deals are awesome in price, I mean we 4 can enjoy whole meal in just 4 bucks.”

Big Mood:

Big mood is a slang phrase to express a big, or intense, feeling.


We know RIP means “Rest in Peace,” It is mostly referred to express grief and prayers to someone who just died.But it is also used as a response to an unfortunate but low intensity problem, and “BIG-RIP” is used in response to an unfortunate but slightly less mild problem.

BB  is a short of BaBy. It’s a lovely way to call your friend “baby.” Like “Awww bb I missing you.”

Bye Felicia:

It is a term used to express the perfect dismissal. This is phrase is for you, if you want to say goodbaye to someone.

Bail:  It means leaving group, conversation, chat or meeting suddenly. Like if you are out with friends late night and all of a sudden you realize, homework is yet to be done. So you would say Hey guys I am sorry I am gonna bail.

American Slangs

By the Skin of My Teeth:Just barely. For example you are playing and got injured yourself and you are not hurt a lot so you can say, I hurt myself by the skin of my teeth. Means Yes it is painful but not a lot.

Epic Fail:Slang to express complete disaster. Like “Mr Jordan’s last round performance was so epic fail”

Feeling Blue:To feel blue or have the blues is a pretty common slang phrase in English speaking countries and it means to feel sad. E.g “I am feeling blue after hearing news of devastating windstorm in the state”

Clap Back:

Clapping back a phrase use for a quick, sharp, and effective response to criticism, e.g., Trump is quick to clap back at internet trolls in his Twitter comments.

Creep:It is used to express unpleasant personality. If someone is having weird attitude then you can say “Please don’t act like a creep”.

Couch Potato:It is to refer a lazy guy who just spend most of the time in those engaging activities that can be done while sitting on a sofa or couch.

popular slangs 2019

Crash:To fall asleep really fast. Like    “last night I was so tired I just crashed on the bed.”

Cram:To study hard before the exam by compromising many things. E.g “Jill and Jams cram before the midterm with flying colors”.

DA9 It is very short form of “the family”. Like  “I gonna spend my xmas holidays with da9.”

Down to Earth: Word is used to represent humble human being.A person who is simple and doesn’t show it off. A normal guy who has ability of practicality and lack of pretense.

Drive Up the Wall:It is used to express the act of irritation. To frustrate and annoy someone. Example:”Two political parties fans are driving each other up the wall.”

DISS: It means disrespecting someone else

DELISH slang for”delicious”. E.g That banana bread was so delish!

Modern slang

DIG:It means someone really likes something. E.g Jack is looking that ball as he dig it”

Easy Peasy: To express some really easy work or task as Easy Peasy.

FAM is a shorter version of family. It is also used to describe friends.Like“My school fam is coming to see me today!”

For Real:It means honestly. For example, Are you going to visit japan for real ?


This term is used when someone is breaking off relationship and all communication.

Going Dutch:This slang is used to express that each person in a group have to pay for themselves especially in a restaurant.

The Cold Shoulder:To give somebody a cold shoulder means you are ignoring him/her on purpose. You don’t want to communicate with them.

Give a Ring:It is typically American slang which means to call someone.

Hyped:It means someone or something is over promoted with exaggeration.

Hang Out:To spend a lot of time with friends in a gathering with casual manner.

Have a Blast:It is slang phrase to enjoy doing something.E.g “Happy birthday Jill , have a blast.”

Jack Up:It has two meanings. To lift something up like a car that is jacked up for tire change. It also means  surge in price

Knock:In slang term it is used to show negative expression of speech against someone or to badmouth.

KUDOS:Another word for respect, recognition

teen slang 2019

Lighten Up:To relax and do work easily. Normally it is used to say for someone who is having  aggressive work routine.

Pass the Buck or Buck Passing:To avoid responsibility by passing it on to someone else.  For example this job is your and you can’t pass the buck.

Piece of Cake:American expresses some very easy work as” piece of cake”

Pig Out:To eat like a hungry greedy pig

POS: To express “Parents over shoulder”

PIR: PIR is abbreviation of Parent in room

PROPS:This is to express respect, recognition

Plead the Fifth:It is used to refer the 5th amendment in the U.S. Constitution. It is a colloquial phrase to give right someone not to answer the questions which might result in conviction.

For the Birds or For the Chicks:In American slang phrases, this term is used to refer girls or women.

Ride Shotgun: American Slang to express a position or person who is second in command for any task.

Salty: It is used to convey in words little angry after getting teased.

SMH is an abbreviation of “Shaking my head”.It is used to express disagreement with someone or about something.Like “You’re really selected in the college basketball team? SMH.”

Screw up:This typical American slang to express mistake or any mess up.


Smol It is one way to say “small” especially when talking about something very cute.Like “Look at that smol kitten!”

Shoot the Breeze:Idiom to use wasting and killing time with idle chit chat.

Sweet:To express something or someone as good or nice. Like “Sarah’s little twins are so sweet”

TBT It means “throwback Thursday,”. It is a way of expressing back something that’s happened in the past.SO it is also used for any day of the week.

Example: “How TBT that is when Jill smashed the windscreen .”

Tight:Slang for showing very close competition between competitors. Like “Match between Lakers and Wolves were tight since start”

Trash:To express destruction like trashing the vehicle.

Take a Rain Check:This idiomatic phrase means to postpone the meeting to some other time that is more convenient.

Uptight:It is opposite of relax.When someone is having tough work routine then we can say he/she is uptight.

UNREAL: Slang is used to show expression in a situation like unbelievably brilliant or cool. Like “Ronaldo’s overhead kick goal was unreal”

WILD Mostly used as a blank reaction to weird or hilarious thing that happens, but it’s most often used as a synonym for “shocking.” If describing a person, it can also mean “hilarious” or “weird.”

Like “He came on LEMO in the college? how wild it was’.”

common slang words

Wrap Up:Means to finish or complete the task. Like wrap homework up quickly.

Wheels:It is to express drive on car. Like we are going on wheels.

Wicked: It is slang word for Awesome or brilliant

YerMom:It is short form of your mom.

Yhf:You have failed.

Zup:It’s short form of “ What’s Up ?”

Zonked:It means totally tired.

Current Slang words used in slang dictionary are in the following infographics.

American Slang Word

This was the list of cool slang words

Lets see how Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach us English Slangs:
“Hello I’m Simon Peck hello I’m Henry
Cavill and we’re here today to teach you
about English slang or as we call it
biggety biggety idiot box TV I think
that’s the TV TV idiot box idiot box is
the TV because everything that’s on it
is rubbish I’m not from where Mission
Impossible comes out I’m cleanin and
some shows like how maids tale and
Westworld everything else is rubbish
billions billions is great
actually there’s lots of really good
things on the idiot box twit twit an
idiot twit is a foolish person yeah twit
yes are you good surprised yes RG bar G
that’s like a when you start getting
Chevy and pushy and you want a bit of a
fight or a scrap yes it’s yeah it’s a
bit of a growl in it a bit of our G bar
G do for I do for well I have someone a
colleague of mine who uses a differ for
pretty much everything doofah is a thing
it can be like if I said to Henry passed
me to do fur I don’t know what I’m gonna
get it might be a remote control here it
might be anything anything cool cat now
corker is someone who applies a stopper
to a wine bottle on a professional level
it means some it’s really good yeah
Henry’s a corker oh yes this dog’s
bollocks dog’s bollocks or the brick or
the smaller version the mutts nuts or
the cat’s pajamas for the hounds rounds
is basically the best best of the best
bollocks why dogs testicles represent
that I don’t know but if you see a dog
with a really good pair everyone does
remark on them yeah because most dogs
unfortunately dogs nuts yeah look at the
size of that dog’s bollocks is it dogs
bullet as a dog’s bollocks like if
you’re if you if you have a dog and it
has its testicles are intact and they’re
really you know that they’re quite
presented yeah you might say
our dog’s bollocks and you’d be literal
there the FAR’s
the first comes from the US that was
because the the police had big mustaches
and really yeah that was its comes from
that’s your own we’ve adopted it because
of one of our own who made a movie yeah
titled that hard cheese which is another
but Henry was in hard bitten police
officer Dave cheese vegan with lactose
intolerance oh jeez tough luck does it
yeah I’m so hard cheese mate if you
didn’t get it her then hard cheese to
you is basically though knees up knees
are having an EVA yeah I’m gonna bit of
a party my pit fool that’s the term we
use for a series of characters created
by Jim Henson spend a penny that comes
from the fact that you used to have to
put a 1 pence into the lavatory stalls
in order to access them access them to
do a number one or number two or if
you’re unlucky a number three to spend a
penny as go number one yeah what is it
if you do a number two all mare for no
trousers that means that someone tends
to be verbally aggressive but never
actually fights can’t back it up base
yeah bit of a damp squib in it
it’s underwhelming its yeah
underwhelming when you expect a lot of
Bingham in not much happens yeah perfect
that’s a bit brilliant no one’s onions
I tell it I’ll give you an example Henry
Ron and I were on set of Mission
Impossible fall out and we were talking
about the character of Superman
Henry portrays and Henry began to list a
number of comic books which Superman
appears in and I thought to myself Henry
knows his onions
it’s because of an onion farmer no no
it’s not been it yeah it’s your penis
yeah you say I only knob you know if you
banged into a wall or don’t be a knob
don’t be a knob if you think of all the
penile epithets they all have different
meanings like if you’re a prick
then you’re a you prick you’re bit
stupid but then if you’re a knob you’re
you are stupid but less it’s an
affectionate kind of term but it’s nice
if you’re a bit of a knob like I’d say
to you I’ll stop being a knob Henry and
I wouldn’t expect to get offended but if
I called you a dick then I’d be like I’d
be wrong because you’re not a nerd
you’re a lovely man well sorry
Tosh rubbish a load of old Tosh it’s not
to be confused with – thanks Vanity Fair
hope you learn something I hope you
learned some valuable English words to
me that you should definitely use yes
you say you speak English but you don’t”


American Slang Dictionary is good collection of latest slangs