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Slang words are part of all languages now. These words consist of films, music, media, social networks and Internet casual communication. Slang words come to the wordlist of teenagers from the mouths of famous actors, pop artists, especially in the genre of “standup”. Posts on social networks and funny videos are also accompanied by slang captions. It takes a long time for parents to decode this language.

What is Slang?

Slang word is a language type containing words and phrases that are considered as very informal. Slangs are more common in talking than writing, and are normally classified to a certain situation, background or group of people. In fact slang is non-standard vocabulary, used in casual communication.

As per Wikipedia Slang is language (words, phrases, and usages) of an informal register that members of particular in-groups favor (over a standard language) in order to establish group identity, exclude outsiders, or both.

Where Does Slang Come From?

Almost all professions have their own professional slang words. School, College and University students often use these words in their day to day communication. Teenagers are young and creative and more active in socializing. Internet and social media have played a major role in generating slangs now a day. Engineers, Doctors and lawyers are even required to communicate among themselves with the help of slang words in the presence of a client, so ethics are required. Moreover, every family passes on their own words from generation to generation, and interesting this is the authors of these slang words are mostly children. They blend and rewrite the words as they seem logical, interesting in spoken also these new words give them chance of hiding things during speak.


Why do people use slang?

Well we all know that just like other tools, language is also a tool and all tools use to be evolved for better results. Similarly new words are introduced in the languages with the need of time and circumstances for better and concise communication. Just like in professions, industry or technical areas newly introduced casual words are called “Jargons” but the same words in social terms called “Slangs”.

Here are few common reasons people use slangs:

  • People have become lazy or find ease in every matter.Its an age of information overloading
  • Group of people talk in encrypted form which only they can understand
  • It is a way of showing off their immense knowledge.
  • TUI (They Use It). People use slangs as their style
  • As its hoax prevailed in the society
Slang Words 2018
Why do people use slang words ?

What effect does slang have on society?

We have observed both positive and negative effects of slang on the society.

Slangs improve informal communication. As language is continuously developing so addition of new informal words with the mixture of different languages evolve language. Plus people getting together from different cultures are adding value by adding slangs. Global village we know this term right?

Negative effect of slang words is that it is difficult to differentiate when to use it and when not in formal communication. Because when slangs become very common then they are able to make their place in our communication without any distinction of being slangs.

Barney       The police. “Just look at this barney squad”

Away with the fairies:

That’s English informal phrase means: being mad, distracted, or in a dreamworld.Mostly used to express areas where fairies were apparently sighted.

Feart :

Its SCOTTISH IRISH word that means “afraid”.

Ear Wiggings:

Its british slang term which means secretly listen to a conversation of someone.

Mad Wi’ It:

it means full of liquor I was full of juice and so it’s like I was having a great time I was at the peak always madly.


A small animal that’s right ? yea but in slang term it means cool guy or hot girl.

Bolt ya rocket:

It means get out of here rocket is somebody you consider to be an idiot or just an annoying person so bolt Ya it means get a hell yeah.

BBE             Biggest Beating Ever: He BBE us in the team match

Catch the fair one  It means to get involved in fight. “It seems both groups are going to catch the fair one”

Drop gloves  To fight

Dustup       A disagreement. “I have dustup on politics with Esha”

Front           A cover-up, disguise, deception. “A house is just a front on how much wealthy he is”

Get banked on to be hit, punched, attacked. “Luther got banked on”

Slang words


Today, we are going to cover about latest 2020 slangs.
How cool is that? In this article, I’m going to talk to you about some popular slang that is used in America.
But before we begin, I’d like to remind you to subscribe to our social media classes. It’s another great way to practice your English skills. So before we get into the slang words, it’s important to know…well…What is slang? So slang is just words that are used among a particular region or age group or social circle. And it’s not universally known by everyone else. Even if you’re from the same country. Slang is also a little different than idioms because idioms tend to have more than one word and also they’re a bit more well known among different groups of people. So I’m going to talk to you about some American slang that I think is kind of well known among most Americans. And maybe other people in other countries know of these words, but they probably don’t use them. Or maybe they do. And now you can use them too. So the first word is crash. And crash just means to suddenly fall asleep. Or maybe you are so tired you know that you are going to go to sleep immediately because you’re so tired, and you just want to crash.
I’m just going to crash here tonight. I’m going to crash Tez. I’ll catch you tomorrow.
You can crash at my place. If you need to crash, you can have the couch. Number two is shotgun. So when you call shotgun, you are basically saying that you want to sit in the front passenger seat of the car. So if you are driving somewhere with a group of people, maybe the people that are not driving will call shotgun. And that means that that person gets to sit in the front with the driver. It’s commonly used with the word call and somebody calls shotgun. Now, there’s all sorts of weird rules when it comes to shotgun that you have to be outside
before you can call shotgun. Some people say that you have to be able to see the car before you call shotgun. So it’s kind of become a bit of a game to some extent. And it’s regularly used among younger generations, especially kids in high school when they first start driving and they go places with their friends and everybody’s calling shotgun
and they’re arguing over shotgun.
I call shotgun.
Shot gun! Everyone knows you can’t call shotgun before you see the car.
Alright, I’m ready to go in on call shotgun.
You never heard someone calling shotgun to sit in the front seat?
Number three is creep.
Now, this is an adjective that’s used to describe
a person who is unpleasant, strange, or a bit and weird.
And weird in a bit of an awkward and
get away from me type of way.
A lot of times it’s used to describe guys.
It is a gender-neutral word, but mostly guys
get this label and sometimes they deserve it.
And people might say he is a creep. Stay away from him.
Or maybe somebody is acting creepy
because they’re saying things that are a little unpleasant.
And you just don’t want to be around people that are creeps.
That creep!
But you’re a creep!
But I’m a creep.
Number four is buck.
Now, buck is just another word for a dollar.
They’re basically synonyms.
So, if you have three dollars, you can say that you have three bucks.
3 bucks?
40 bucks!
30 bucks!
10 bucks.
20 bucks.
80 bucks. Yeah, 80 bucks.
We borrow a few bucks, just a small loan from the briefcase.
Number five is for real.
So this is a declaration of honesty.
It’s kind of like saying believe me,
I’m being honest, trust me…for real.
So if you’re telling a story and you really want
those people to know that you’re being honest
you can add that at the end and just say for real.
This is what the word means…for real.
It can also be used as an interjection, kind of asking the question to somebody else.
Are you being honest? Are you being serious?
Maybe they’re telling a story and you’re not sure if it’s true.
And you just ask them. You say for real.
For real? Is that what happened? Are you sure? For real?
For real?
For real?
For real, for real.
Thor is real, for real?
We’re for real.
You’re really for real.
Number six is knock.
Now, you can knock something or knock someone.
And it’s just saying something bad about something or someone.
It’s a disparaging remark.
And mostly it’s used to talk about an activity.
Maybe you don’t want to do something and you’re not
really thrilled about it, and then the other person
Often, it’s used in a negative sense when you’re telling
somebody don’t disparage it. Don’t say something bad.
Don’t knock it.
There’s also a popular expression that goes
don’t knock it till you try it.
This is used mostly when people are talking about
something, an activity that they’ve never done before
but still they’re saying some bad things about it.
And another person might say, “Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.”
Don’t knock it till you try it.
Don’t knock it till you try it.
I mean don’t knock it till you try it right?
That’s what I’m saying.
Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.
Number seven is sweet.
Now, this is used to say that something is nice.
It’s talking about a favorable situation
and people will just say, “Sweet.”
Now, you should know that it’s really about the emphasis and the way you say it.
You don’t really just say…
Great. That’s sweet.
You want to say it with a lot more flavor, a lot more energy, a lot more pizzazz.
That’s sweet.
So sweet. So sweet.
Number eight is zonked.
Now, zonked is just when you are completely exhausted.
You are so tired, you say that you are zonked.
Often, if you haven’t been sleeping that much,
you might tell someone, “You know, I am just so zonked right now.”
It also means you’re a little out of it because you haven’t
been sleeping, or you’re just tired from doing something
and you can’t really think clearly.
You’re zonked.
You’re so zonked.
Your body, from the neck down, is zonked.
And she chooses today to show up totally zonked.
It’s a very important job for you, but if you’re going to be zonked out all the time.
Number nine…jonesing.
So jonesing is a strong crave or desire for something.
It’s typically talking about a drink or food.
Something that you’re craving, you want, you’re addicted to.
You could be jonesing for coffee.
Jonesing for sweets…chocolate.
Jonesing for anything really.
Rght now it’s early, so I’m jonesing for some coffee.
What are you jonesing for?
Tell you what boys, I’m kind of jonesing.
So I’m going to find someone I can bum a smoke off of outside.
Good, I’m jonesing for a cup of coffee.
Jonesing for a Starbucks since I got here.
Speaking of crunching, I have been jonesing for some Double-stuff Oreos all day.
Number ten is bail.
Now to bail is to leave somewhere
and often when you bail you are typically leaving somebody behind.
So in that case you are bailing on someone.
You can also bail on something.
Maybe you want to bail on the party because you don’t want to go.
You want to bail on the dinner.
Bail can also mean to avoid plans altogether.
So maybe you’re supposed to meet somebody at
the movies and you never show up.
They might ask you, “Hey, why’d you bail on me last night. Where were you.”
But regularly you’re bailing on someone
if you’re just leaving and you don’t tell somebody you’re bailing on them.
It’s not good to bail on people.
Don’t bail on me.
You bailed on me, okay.
Oh, I see. You’re chickening out. You’re bailing on me.
And now when I need you most you are bailing on me
Okay, so now you are a bit more proficient in American slang.
You can use them, practice these slang words,
and also listen for them if you’re watching TV or movies.
Now before we go, I want to test your knowledge of slang.
I’m going to give you some American slang
and I want you to click on the correct meaning.
If you don’t click on anything then the video is just
going to end and I hope that you
give this video a thumbs up.
And then go on to watch some other videos.
If you don’t know the answer, then write that in the comments.
Just write, “I don’t know.”
And I’ll tell you the answer.
So here is the slang.
If I tell you I’m amped, what does it mean.
If you don’t know, again, write it in the comments.
I want you to click on the correct meaning.
What does it mean?
What could it mean?
Who knows?
I’m amped. Are you amped?

Slang Resources:

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